Air Duct Cleaning

air duct cleaning

Clean and healthy indoor air is more about what you can't see than what you can. Allergenic particles that can't be seen by the naked eye can wreak havoc on the noses and lungs of allergy and asthma sufferers. These allergens build up over time in the air ducts, a thick gray blanket on the duct walls.

If you are looking for air duct cleaning in New Jersey, your search is over! NJ Carpet Steamers provides air duct cleaning for homes and offices throughout the New Jersey area, with the experience and professional equipment that leaves your ducts spotless.

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Important?

Air duct cleaning is an important part of maintaining clean and healthy air throughout the home. When a heavy amount of dust and dirt builds up in the ducts, it can aggravate allergies or cause other respiratory problems. By cleaning out the air ducts, the amount of dust that can reenter the living space is limited and the air becomes cleaner. Air duct cleaning can also remove bad smells in the home from pet hair or other unwelcome elements within the air ducts.

Professional air duct cleaning by NJ Carpet Steamers ensures that the ducts are cleaned properly. Air duct cleaning is as much about containing the contaminated waste as it is removing it. Taking the dust, pollen, dander and mold spores out of the ducts will do you little good if it gets spread around your home instead! That can actually make indoor air quality worse. We have the expertise and professional negative pressure system to remove all of the dust, dirt, mold or other pollutants that have built up in the air ducts.

Save on Your Energy Bills with Air Duct Cleaning

Would it surprise you that professional air duct cleaning is about more than just air ducts? NJ Carpet Steamers's technicians are properly trained to address not only the air ducts but also the mechanical components of your heating and air conditioning units. Removing encrusted dirt from the blower fan and checking for mold growth beneath the evaporation coils can make your entire HVAC system more efficient, and it may even reduce your electric bill.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

While we are at your home, we highly recommend that you consider our dryer vent cleaning service. If your dryer is taking longer to dry a load of laundry than it used to, then the vent may be blocked with lint. We can clean out your dryer vent in a matter of minutes and reduce your risk of a house fire.

If you are not sure that you need air duct cleaning, we can help give you the information you need to decide for yourself. Our technicians will come to your home or business for free to conduct a video inspection of your air ducts, to identify which services and cleaning methods are most appropriate for your HVAC system.

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