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carpet cleaning

When you install carpet in your home or business, you expect it to be there for a while. That's why so much of the carpet sold today is neutral in color, so it can recede into the background and let your furniture and knickknacks take center stage.

Dirty carpet attracts unwanted attention, switching the focal point of the room to the unsightly spots and stains on the carpet. Get your guests to notice your decorating style again with professional carpet cleaning.

NJ Carpet Steamers cleans carpets of all types, removing unsightly stains and getting rid of deeply embedded odors, using hypoallergenic and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your loved ones, your employees, and your customers. Our years of experience allow us to choose the most effective combination of carpet cleaning method, cleaning solutions and stain lifters to give you the remarkable results you've been looking for.

The Most Recommended Carpet Cleaning Method

If you want to know the best way to clean your wall-to-wall carpet, look no further than your carpet warranty. Leading carpet manufacturers recommend regular hot water extraction, commonly called steam cleaning, to keep your carpet in top condition.

NJ Carpet Steamers uses truck mounts to clean your carpets. This is the best, most powerful carpet cleaning equipment on the market today. Our capable and experienced technicians propel super hot water into the carpet, and then use the wand to suck it back out, carrying with it all the dirt and spills that stained the carpet in the first place, as well as allergenic triggers like dust mites, pollen and dander.

Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is also available, using low moisture carpet foam or absorbent dry compound. This fast-drying carpet cleaning method leaves your carpets clean, fresh and dry within just a couple of hours. Dry cleaning is ideal for commercial locations or anytime you want clean carpets without the wait.

Our Commitment to Safety

NJ Carpet Steamers gives you complete carpet cleaning without harsh chemicals. Chemical exposure is the most dangerous for our children and our pets, due to their smaller size. Our carpet cleaning supplies are naturally safe for your entire family, regardless of the method. Carpet cleaning at its best is residue-free, and that is exactly what we give you - like-new carpets, with no detergent residue to attract dirt or trigger allergies.

For the best carpet cleaning in New Jersey, contact NJ Carpet Steamers today. 201-604-3508

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