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NJ Carpet Steamers

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NJ Carpet Steamers in Union County

For some things in life, you have to pay more to get better quality. Like for diamonds, or fine furniture. That should never be true for carpet cleaning.

At NJ Carpet Steamers in Union County, we provide quality cleaning services at fair, competitive prices. Our menu of professional cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial locations is designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank, because we understand how important it is to have a clean house.

From Elizabeth, New Jersey to Staten Island, New York and beyond, our staff of experienced technicians cleans all types of carpets, area rugs, and upholstery fabrics. Because we do it every day, we simply do a better job than the average homeowner can do with a rented carpet cleaning machine. Experience counts when it comes to cleaning, and the kind of cleaning we do has to be done right to keep your furnishings in the best condition.

Rely on the Professionals

Professional cleaning done right will make your carpets and furniture last longer than they would if they were not cleaned. The reason is that dirt and dust is abrasive - just think about sandpaper for a second. That's just like the dirt that ends up in your carpet and rubs against the carpet's fibers. The fact is, no matter how good your vacuum cleaner, it won't get all of the dirt out, and the dirt will tear apart the carpet's fibers and make it wear out a lot sooner.

NJ Carpet Steamers removes this dirt with our professional steam cleaning equipment. Because hot water cleans better than cold water, steam cleaning uses very hot water to loosen stubborn dirt and allergens like dander and dust mites. Once they're free of the carpet's fibers, strong suction vacuums out them out along with the hot water, for carpet that is absolutely clean.

Expect More

You can expect more with NJ Carpet Steamers. Our focus is on you, from the moment you call our office for your free, no-obligation price estimate until the time the job is done. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and the job is not done unless you are completely satisfied, or your money back.

NJ Carpet Steamers in Union provides all the other cleaning services you need as well, including air duct cleaning, water damage restoration services, tile and grout cleaning, and much more. Call today 908-378-8077 to schedule your cleaning.

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