Upholstery Cleaning & Protection

upholstery cleaning

NJ Carpet Steamers offers a quality upholstery cleaning service. Our professional steam cleaning with the hot water extraction method, along with our stain removal services, is an extremely effective way to clean your favorite sofa, recliner, ottoman or mattress. It'll rid your upholstery of stains and odors, and will also result in the complete removal of dust and dirt particles and allergens that go along with it, such as dust mites, dander, dead skin cells, pollens and others.

The Importance of Mattress Cleaning

Along with our upholstery steam cleaning services, we also offer mattress cleaning. Often a forgotten task, but when you think about it, you, or your kids, spend a lot of time on that mattress. You deserve for it to be properly cleaned, especially if anyone in your family is suffering from allergies. If so, getting out all the excess dust particles that have made the mattress their home, along with the allergens that they carry will produce almost immediate allergy relief. Mattress cleaning takes around an hour to do, a few more to dry, and after that's done, you can finally sleep soundly!

Upholstery Protection

High quality upholstery cleaning services are merely one part of the equation that adds up to clean furniture that really makes you want to sit down. The other two parts are prevention & protection. That is true especially for those with young children or pets, but also, if you like to host Super Bowl parties or just watch a game with friends every now and then, and the beer is flowing, and the nachos are going... Your sofa or recliner is likely to join in the party too at some point!

Our upholstery protectants are excellent for preventing, or at the very least, greatly minimizing the occurrence of serious stains due to spills, food stains, and of course pet stains as well. Our stain guards are odorless, and non-toxic, so they will not be noticeable in any way, except for one of course - you'll know your upholstery looks great largely due to the protectant you were smart enough to order.

More Than Just Upholstery

Other than cleaning upholstered fabrics such as microfiber, cotton, suede, velvet and others, we also clean leather furniture. Leather furniture does not tend to come cheap, and with proper maintenance, can make a great impression. We specialize in cleaning all types of leather furniture, so ask your upholstery cleaning technician to come up with a maintenance plan for your favorite leather sofa or chair. Contact NJ Carpet Steamers today at 201-604-3508

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