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Don't DIY - For Your Business' Sake!

"I'll just do it myself!". "Who needs a technician for that?" "Are you crazy? I can do it myself for half of that price". It's not uncommon to hear these words from business owners (and sometimes homeowners), who prefer to save money by doing things themselves. While it's a great virtue to be a handyman, not all tasks should be handled in DIY style. Especially not the ones that require knowledge, capability and experience.

Extra caution as a business owner

When you are a homeowner, doing some DIY work can be a great thing. You can also allow it to yourself, because not many people come into your home and check what you do yourself, or what looks a bit off (because let's admit it, not all of us have a golden touch). When you're a business owner, you need to be a lot more attentive and precise. You can't cut corners with how things look and feel, because if they look bad - your business looks bad.

That's why you should be very cautious with DIY fixes and solution in your business. Imagine a customer walking into a store, looking at the merchandise, and then comes across some improvisation of a leg for a table. Or worse, an electric cable wrapped in masking tape. That looks super amateur, so why would they buy from someone who isn't a professional?

Three levels of DIY - Do, maybe do, Don't

There are three levels of possible DIY tasks. There are the ones a person can do himself, without worrying. These are the simple tasks, or ones that do not require special technical knowledge.

The tasks that are a little more questionable are the ones that require technical knowledge, or at least some acquaintance with the task and its solution. This may be like installation of a software, or assembling a furniture piece according to instructions. These are the tasks that are safe to do alone, but only if you know what you are doing. If you're not sure, better get someone to help you.

The last type of DIY is considered as "Don't". These are tasks you should not, by all means, try to do yourself. These are either technical issues or require knowledge and experience to fix. Moreover, some of them can be life threatening - like dealing with electricity or chemicals. These are things one should NOT try to deal with, not only because of the lack of knowledge and capability, but also because of the danger these tasks encompass.

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Don't DIY - and choose wisely

Since these dangerous or complicated DIY tasks should be forwarded to professionals, they are no longer DIY. However, it does not mean a business owner can stop worrying about it. As mentioned, it is necessary to call for the experts. These experts are needed not just because they have knowledge, but also they have the tools, experience and in most cases they also have the education and certification required to do such jobs.

There are several jobs that would require a professional hand in any business -

All the above mentioned work fields require either lots of experience or a certificate, in most cases both. Moreover, in several states these fields of work even require a specific work license.

Thinking of DIY? Think again.

Seriously. If the work you are about to do requires a license or certification process to be done, don't do it yourself. Hire someone to do it, and do it right. If you want to save money, you should shop around and try to get a cheap price, but beware of frauds and scams, which may be cheap but will also leave you unsatisfied in the best case, or with a damaged business space in the worst case, forcing you to hire someone to fix the damages done to your property.

Our advice on finding professionals to do the work? Ask questions:

  1. Ask around for what you need - colleagues, friends and other business owners will know who to refer you to, or at least tell you who did a job for them and what it cost.
  2. Ask the service provider questions about his work and knowledge - don't be shy. Ask as many questions as you need to be sure the person you are talking t is trustworthy.
  3. Get a second opinion - if you're sure of the offer you received, it's ok to shop around and ask for another offer or talk to another expert and get his opinion.
  4. Check the certification and license - if it is professional work, such as the fields mentioned above, ask for the license (if applicable) and ask about certification. Any professional would proudly display them, since they provide credit to his capabilities.
  5. Follow through the process - even after you have chosen the service provider, keep checking. Make sure everything is done to your satisfaction, and that you receive everything you pay for.

Good luck!

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